Experience the DTCGroup’s Hawk-eyes technology 3D booth

Experience the DTCGroup’s Hawk-eyes technology 3D booth


(You can bring all kinds of rice to DTC booth for sorting by the new generation color sorter SC768)

From November 6 to November 10, 2019 DTCGroup color sorter has participated in Vietnam International Agriculture Fair 2019.

Coming to the booth, you can observe directly the process of operating the color sorter SC768 sorting rice (sticky rice, red rice, jasmine, broken rice, …) with application of Hawk-Eye Technology sorting effectively bad rice such as chalky rice, light yellow,  …

To demonstrate the outstanding technology of the SC768 color sorter, DTCGroup encourage valued customers to bring your raw rice material to the booth to test.



DTCGroup creates opportunities for young people who love taking pictures with an impressive and unique 3D model of hawk-eye technology.

3D Photobooth of Hawk-Eye technology at DTCGroup booth


No need to worry too much about the lack of beautiful and magical photos,  DTCGroup photographer team will assist in taking pictures on request and sending these to you right away in day.

In addition, DTCGroup also has prepared many attractive gifts for enthusiastic participants joining our booth with the following rules:

▪ Step 1: Join the DTCGroup’s photobooth at the 3rd booth, from Gate A of Le Loi Street at the Vietnam International Agricultural Fair (108A Le Loi, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City. ) and let the photographer take pictures for you and get the order number from the staff.
▪ Step 2: Comment your order number on the event post on our fanpage ⇒ https://bit.ly/2WFBPK7  to receive pictures from the inbox.
▪ Step 3: Share event post in public mode with #maytachmau #DTCGroup #matdieuhau hastag

Join now to experience the GORGEOUS HAWK-EYE 3D BOOTH, 1_0_2 !!!

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