Auxiliary Equipment


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    GZM high pressure filter With a wide range of applications and high dust collection efficiency, it is designed to clean up the dusty air, able to fully meet the applicable environmental protection regulations. 


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    PLC system The PLC control system and its control technology have been gradually promoted and applied in the flour processing industry in recent years. Relying on its own advantages, DTC has established an automation research institute and has a professional complete set of PLC control system research and development team. The PLC control system developed by our company has been widely used in large and medium-sized flour processing enterprises and has achieved good market results. DTC PLC control system can realize the whole process management of visualization, dynamic, data informatization, standardized management process, and paperless operation documents of the whole processing process.


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    PLMDD stacker It is designed to stack the sacked products in flour mills, applicable to woven bags or cloth bags.


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    TDXZ bottom discharger It is designed for evenly discharging bulk materials from concrete bins, semi-dry bins or plastic bins, and thus to assure fully discharge and no spontaneous classification no matter it is a round, square or rectangular-sectioned bin. It is applicable to discharging the bins containing flour-like powdery material in the fields of flour, feeding stuff, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on. With the function of preventing the material from caking, it is an ideal bin discharger.

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