Recruitment process


1. Submit your CV

Candidates will be recruited for positions in the Recruiting position and follow the recruitment process.

Send CV or CV form including personal information, learning process, experience, goals, personal interests … to the Recruiting Department via email:

2. Receiving and screening CV

After submitting the application / recruitment information, Recruiting Department will gather and select the candidates suitable for the requirements of the position and to be invited to participate in the round of professional examination and interviews. The CVs are not suitable, we will store for the following positions and recruits.

3. Take the test or interview in the preliminary round

Candidates will take the corresponding professional exam and attend the interview with the HR specialist. The content is focused on the topic of career goals and clarifies the candidate’s issues in the application. Other factors are: communication ability to work (independently or in groups), ability to organize and plan, ability to think and solve problems, etc.

4. Professional interview and contract agreement

Candidates will continue to participate in a professional interview with the Division Manager / Director and contract with the Division Manager / Director / Deputy Director if they meet the requirements for the vacancy. .

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