DTC TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD was established in 2014 as a sole distributor of Anysort Color Sorter in Vietnam. DTC is committed to providing modern agricultural machinery and technology to assist customers to increase production capacity and meet the strict requirements of agricultural products to export to European markets including Color sorter, Grain drying and Silo. With the motto “Quality is not only in product”, DTC focuses on post-purchase service that most other agents ignore, including fast and accurate maintenance and repair which helps time-saving and seamless production for plant owners.

Featured Products

  • Rice color sorter C768H

    0 out of 5

    Model: C768H

    Flute No.: 12

    Channel No.: 768

    Productivity: 10 – 14 (tons/hr)

    Dimension (L x W x H): 4640 x 1650 x 1950 (mm)

    Weight: 3150 (kg)

    Power: 7.0 (kw)

    Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

    Air compressor capacity: 40 (kw)

  • Tea color sorter TTQV6

    0 out of 5

    No. : TTQV6

    Model: TTQV6

    Productivity: <800kg / hr

    Number of troughs: 6

    Number of floors: 5

    Dimensions (D x R x C): 3000 x 3100 x 4000 mm

    Weight: 4200 kg

    Power: 7.5 kw

    Voltage: 380v / 50hz

    Required MNK capacity: 30 kw

  • Coffee and beans color sorter VP1064

    0 out of 5

    Model: VP1064

    Flute No.: 10

    Channel No.: Updating

    Productivity: 7 – 10 (tons/hr)

    Dimenstion: 4250 x 1840 x 1950 (mm)

    Weight: 2150 (kg)

    Power: Updating

    Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz

    Air compressor capacity: 37 (kw)

  • Sesame and seeds color sorter VM1064

    0 out of 5

    Model: VM1064

    Flute No.: 10

    Channel No.: Đang cập nhật

    Productivity: 7 – 10 (tons/hr)

    Dimension: 4250 x 1840 x 1950 (mm)

    Weight: 2150 (kg)

    Power: Updating

    Voltage: Updating

    Air compressor capacity: 37 (kw)

  • Multifunction color sorter L1200

    0 out of 5

    Model: L1200

    Flute No.: 4

    Floor No.: 1

    Camera No.: 8

    Productivity: 3 – 4 (tons/hr)

    Dimension: 3150 x 2000 x 2132 (mm)

    Weight: 1650 (kg)

    Power: Updating

    Voltage: Updating

    Air compressor capacity: 22 (kw)

  • Grain dryer-NCD 60EXH (burner type)

    0 out of 5

    Model: NCD-60EXH

    Productivity: 1500 – 6000 (kg)

    Dimension: (L x W x H): 3500 x 1774 x 5970 (mm)

    Drying rate: 0.8 – 1.2%/h

    Required heat: 75000 (kcal/hr)

    Power: 4.1 (kw)

    Blower: 1.5 kw, diagonal


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Mekong Delta Rice Festival in Long An 2018

On the evening of June 15, DTC Trading Co., Ltd with representatives of 150 enterprises attended the opening ceremony of the Rice Festival and the High-tech Agriculture Exhibition (Cuu Long) in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta) 1st – 2018 in Tan An Park, Long An Province. Attending former State President – Truong Tan Sang; Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People’s Council – Pham Van Ranh; Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee – Nguyen Van Duoc; Trade Promotion Department, Import-Export Department, Department of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade. Representing 400 booths, 150 companies from 20 provinces and... Read More

Sale Executive

Search for customers, consult and sell color sorter machine, dryer, and silo, … of the companies in the world serving the industry of rice, coffee, tea, plastic, sand, stone, .. . Caring, supporting, updating information and maintaining customer relationships. Conduct surveys, update market. competitors information to have the optimal solution for business. Developing and maintaining brand name image in the market. Participating in trade fairs and conferences. Attending product features course with foreign experts or Technical Department … Complete the assigned sales target Report on activities, business results periodically for supervisor. Basic salary and commission income Allowance for gasoline, telephone, uniforms, meals for business trips. 13th month, holidays bonus... Read More

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